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What makes you different?

  • No Cold calling
  • In house, financial claims experts
  • We will fight cases where original credit agreement not completed due to arrears, bankruptcy IVA or debt agreement.
  • Personal Claims handler
  • Appeals and verifying offers
  • Best independent reviews of any claims company

Why does this make you the best PPI company and what does it mean for me?

What do you think of when you hear the word PPI? Cold calling, data sharing, extortionate rates.  Civil Claim Services have NEVER cold called and will not share your data with any third parties – this is a claims management company that you can trust.

How far back can you search for PPI?

We can search back to the mid-nineties with or without your PPI paperwork! We use a clause in the data protection act 1998 and have the skill set to decipher the information provided by the banks in order to identify PPI (which is rarely called payment protection insurance) finding your old agreements which date back to the early 90’s so no paperwork needed. PPI was widely banned in 2008 so checking your credit file is a waste of time.

Are you competitive with other companies? Who is the best PPI company?

Civil Claim Services’ standard rate is extremely competitive within the industry offering a hassle-free service for 25% inclusive of VAT only on successful claims over £100. Civil Claim Services also takes into account and understands the frustration of being ‘unable to claim’ as a result of historic or current financial difficulties such as payment plans, IVA’s, arrears or bankruptcy’s. We really believe that Civil Claim Services is the best PPI company currently around.

What about if I have been in arrears?

 A protective rate is offered for clients who may have been in this situation as Civil Claim Services would never want to put you in a worse financial position for attempting to claim back the money for the insurance that was mis-sold to you. If a successful claim is made and your terms and conditions are set to the protective rate of 36% inclusive of VAT and the successful claim money is offset towards your debt, you WILL NOT be charged for our work.


Can’t I just reclaim PPI myself?

If you want to try and do your claims yourself then please do, but we are here for those who do not have the time or possibly confidence to enter the claim process.

How do you verify refunds?

 We have complex spreadsheets to verify refunds are correct and have a proven history of appealing cases in order to get increased refunds (no way of verifying refunds on free advice sites).

I don’t want to be passed from pillar to post!

At Civil Claim Services, you will be allocated a personal claims handler making the process as simple, smooth and stress-free as possible. This allows for continuity within your claims and gives clients one main point of contact within the company to seek advice from and speak to about the claims process. Just another reason we think we're the best PPI company.

What about if my claim is turned down?

If your claim is turned down initially, the claims process does not end. Civil Claim Services’ experienced in-house claim experts will appeal this and exhaust all avenues in attempt to have the original decision overturned. The practised in-house claim experts will also verify offers made in any successful claim to ensure that the calculations are correct and the money being paid to you is the refund you deserve. Get your PPI claim re-opened

Our clients think we're the best PPI company, check out our reviews

Civil Claim Services have the best reviews on the internet with 4.9 out of 5 stars on Facebook. These are honest reviews from both former and existing clients sharing their opinions and thoughts on the service that they have received from Civil Claim Services. Many of these reviews mention the names of the client’s personal claims handler and how they made the experience of using Civil Claim Services exceptional.

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