Dear Santa, this year I want tax-back for Christmas…

Now, I don’t need to tell you that this year has been difficult – and not just emotionally. Financially this has been a terrible year with many people losing their jobs. Thus, as we drive head-on into Christmas, a time where massive spending is all-but compulsory, a tax reclaim of any kind is a blessed relief.

tax-back for Xmas

The chances are you are owed some kind of tax rebate, whether it’s through PPI interest, washing your work uniform or working from home. The following list of possible avenues for tax rebates might not be the Christmas list of your dreams, but it may go some way to helping you achieve it:

  • PPI Tax Reclaim – We can help you with this one, simply fill out the online form. It’s no win, no fee. What’ve you got to lose?
  • Pay from your current or previous job
  • Pension payments
  • Income from a life or pension annuity
  • Redundancy payment
  • Self-Assessment tax return
  • Foreign income
  • UK income if you live abroad
  • Fuel costs or work clothing for your job

If you were left in the difficult position of being made redundant this year, you may be able to claim back income tax. This is because income tax is calculated monthly as 12 equal payments, but if you did not work out the full financial year, then you will be entitled to claim tax-back.

If you are either looking for work and you’ve been unemployed for four weeks or more, do not expect to go back to work or have returned to full-time study then you will be able to reclaim a certain amount of income tax. Unfortunately, if you are using almost any type of allowance/benefits, you will likely not able to claim a tax rebate.

You could be due hundreds of pounds of tax on PPI interest alone, so imagine how much you could get back if you exhausted all of the above avenues…A Merry Christmas indeed!