Plevin PPI Refunds

Because of a  recent court decision, banks may owe a further £30 billion to people like you, who took out PPI without being made aware of the commission rate.

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Due to a new court ruling (The Doran Decision) regarding commission-based PPI claims (Plevin Claims) you may be owed around three times the amount that you’ve been given.

If you’ve already received a pay-out based on undisclosed commission, Use our Plevin Calculator to see how much you’re really owed

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    What is the Doran Decision, and why am I owed so much more?

    Originally, due to the Plevin ruling on PPI, people could claim based on the level of undisclosed commission being given to the company rather than the PPI itself being mis-sold.
    Since then, The FCA set a tipping point of 50% regarding commission – meaning any commission over this figure should be reimbursed with interest.
    However, the Doran Decision has now set a new precedent as the court ruled that this couple should receive all the commission back with interest, not just the amount over 50%. Thus, you may be owed the same. The pie charts below show this in a simpler form:

    Before Ruling


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