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If you have taken a Loan, Credit Card, Mortgage or Car Finance in the last 30 years you may have been sold payment protection insurance (PPI) without even knowing about it. We can fight your claim from start to finish taking all the hassle even if you feel you have a weak case or if you didn’t for whatever reason pay your finance back in full.

Legal technicalities enable selected PPI complaints after the August 2019 deadline!

We can also appeal your declined or commission only PPI claim.

If you had PPI on a loan or credit card active in 2008 call our friendly personal claim handlers now on 0800 862 0605 or click here to simply complete the below form to request a call back.


Full 25 year PPI history check from the claims firm with the best reviews of any PPI reclaim company.

What is PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was a “fake insurance” product which was sold alongside loans, mortgages, and credit cards and is supposed to cover the repayments if the customer is unable to due to illness/accident or redundancy. So even if you knew you had PPI you were probably mis-sold it and our expert team will pinpoint why!

Most polices were sold to customers who would never have been eligible to claim, didn’t know they were paying it, should of been advised of a more competitive policy or simply didn’t want the insurance. After the Judicial Review court case in 2011 the banks were found guilty of mis-selling PPI and as a result paid out over £30 Billion to compensate customers with a further £80 Billion expected to be paid.

Many people do not even know that they have paid PPI as it was common practice with some banks to simply include the insurance without even consulting the customer. Even if you knew you had a payment protection policy you can claim.

Why use Civil Claim Services Limited and not a different company?

Our company directors worked within the PPI Industry for many years prior to our inception for some of the major lenders including MBNA, Lloyds Banking group and Royal Bank of Scotland but have now changed sides to fight for our clients this give us the edge when dealing with your claims. Your case is 100% confidential and we will never share your data with any third parties

Best PPI company with the best independent reviews of any UK claims company Facebook reviews  (as of May 2018)

Below average market price for working claims with no hidden fees this enables us to be one of the cheapest PPI companies

You will be allocated your own personal claims handler who will be accountable for looking after your file (you will speak to this person everytime you have contact with us)

We will not charge you on wins of under £100

We will verify any refund is correct and appeal where necessary (please see link to see why this is important) PPI compensation is becoming ‘a bit of a lottery’

Bank charges, credit card charges and monthly fees also reclaimed with 8% compounding compensatory interest verified

In-House financial claim experts to appeal your case when necessary (please see link to see why this is important) Lloyds Banking Group fined for failing to handle PPI complaints fairly

We have access to a clause in the data protection act where we can locate loans and credit cards taken out from 1995 to 2008 then check them for PPI

If you were made bankrupt, entered into an IVA or came to a debt settlement agreement with your creditors we can take these cases on a no win no fee basis* see terms

We do not cold call and have no data sharing agreements with outside partners

Get your ppi claim re-opened

Appeal your ppi claim if you have tried yourself and been declined

I’m not sure if I had PPI, can you find out for me?

Yes! Many people don’t know that they have paid for PPI so it’s definitely worth checking if you’re not sure. We can write to the bank(s) on your behalf and check if you have had any loans and/or cards in the past 22 years which have had PPI attached to them. As we operate on a no-win, no-fee basis, if we find no PPI on your accounts we will simply let you know that is the case and there will be no charge.

How can Civil Claim Services help me claim back PPI?

Many of our PPI team as well as being experienced financial experts have worked for the big banks on PPI projects. We know the terms and conditions of the payment protection insurance intimately. We will fight your claim for you until you have the payout you deserve.

Other methods and services

You can also approach the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) or Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) for free if you wish them to review your case, if you have approached your lender first, and if it falls within their remit you can appeal to the FOS too. Where Civil Claim Services Ltd refers your case to FOS/FSCS, we will not charge any extra for such services.

My claim has already been turned down can you help?

Yes! Get your ppi claim re-opened so long as you have Payment Protection on a loan, mortgage or credit card we can get your case reopened even if the bank or Financial Ombudsman have said no to you being due a refund.

I may owe my bank money can I claim?

Yes we are one of very few claims companies / solicitors that will look to take on cases where bankruptcy, arrears and even where a debt management company is used to clear your old debts. The money dependant upon individual circumstances may be paid to you but provided you inform us before we start the claims process we will not charge you if your refund is used to pay off any arrears. Call 01606800181 to find out more.

What are your fees?

Our fee is 24% inclusive of VAT and we only charge on wins of over £100 making us one of the cheapest PPI companies offering this service (should you have already attempted to claim or have had past arrears on financial products this fee may be altered to suit your needs) Don’t just take our word for it read our reviews here Reviews

If you have a question not answered in the content above feel free to email us by Clicking Here or simply call us 0800 862 0605 for a free assessment.

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