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    Why was Tax Deducted?

    Only one aspect of a PPI refund is tax deductible. And this is the 8% statutory annual interest given to match inflation. Originally, this interest was designed to ensure that you did not lose out financially as a result of mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance.

    Most firms will have automatically deducted this tax before reimbursing your PPI sum, and the general rate used is 20% of the statutory interest amount – too much for you to ignore…

    As for how much PPI Tax you may be able to reclaim, this depends on a variety of factors. However, Martin Lewis had this today when discussing with This Morning

    “If you took out a PPI 5 years ago and received a £1,000 pay out… then you could receive around £100.

    However, if you were given a large £15,000 PPI pay out… then that tax return could go up £1,470!”

    Why it’s Possible to Claim PPI Tax Back

    In April 2016, Personal Savings Allowance legislation was passed, allowing taxpayers to earn a certain amount of interest as tax-free savings.

    The allowed tax-free savings allowance amounts are as follows:

    • 20% Lower Tax Bracket – £1000 Tax-Free Savings Allowance
    • 40% Higher Tax Bracket – £500 Tax-Free Savings Allowance
    • 45% Top Tax Bracket – £0 Tax-Free Savings Allowance

    This means that many people who have since received PPI pay-outs are entitled to a full PPI tax rebate if the amount taxed, when combined with the interest earned from savings is still less than their Personal Savings Allowance Amount.

    If the PPI tax sum is more than your personal savings allowance when combined with interest earned from savings, only a partial rebate may be possible.

    Claiming Yourself – the R40 Form Nightmare

    Whilst you can attempt to reclaim your PPI tax back using an HMRC R40 Tax Form, HMRC have made this process a real headache. Unfortunately, you’d need to enter a whole heap of details regarding income etc. and if you received more than one PPI pay-out in different tax years, then you will need to complete multiple R40 Tax Forms.

    Moreover, some money-saving ‘experts’ have suggested attaching further letters to accompany this extensive form to try and resolve the issue. Yet, they have openly admitted that even this may not help your case in achieving a PPI tax rebate.

    PPI Tax Refund R40 Form

    We’ll Take Care of it…

    Save yourself a lot of time and effort and let us deal with the paperwork, consequently leaving you with an easy and hassle-free PPI Tax Reclaim experience.

    At Civil Claims Services our expert claim handlers will assess your case and, if necessary, refer your case to one of our trusted and experienced solicitors.

    This is a No Win, No Fee* process, with a fixed commission rate of 30% of the PPI Tax Refund if your claim is successful.

    *Cancellation fees apply outside of 14 day cooling off period, fee does not include VAT